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  Job Requirements
  • High School Diploma/GED
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • Minimum 3 years experience in the construction industry
  • Experience with drywall, flooring, framing, finish carpentry, and cabinetry is ideal
  • Basic knowledge of residential construction and remodeling
  • Ability to take measurements and use basic math and analytical skills
  • Read minimal blueprints, drawings, and sketches
  • Understanding of carpentry techniques and methods of installation
  • Knowledge of various materials used in construction
Interpersonal and Communication Skills:
  • Understand verbal and written instructions
  • Work with co-workers to solve problems quickly and proficiently
  • Ability to establish relationships with customers
Organizational Skills:
  • Organize assigned tasks for completion alone or in a team setting
  • Keep a clean and organized work environment
  • Complete and fulfill paperwork required for personal timesheets
  • Responsible for maintaining job site paperwork including blueprints, cabinet plans, and spec sheets
Problem Solving:
  • Quickly identify problems and potential issues
  • Work with team members to resolve issues
  • Know when to ask for additional assistance
  • Willingness to learn
Work Conditions:
  • Most time is spent working at job sites.
  • Some driving is required (Valid driver’s license needed)
  • Some exterior work will be conducted in the winter, although we try to schedule indoor work throughout the cold months
  • Climb ladders of up to 40 feet
  • Lift and manipulate objects of up to 80lbs
  • Perform tasks on all areas and aspects of construction project.
  • Commensurate with experience

Job Requirements:   Education - High School Graduate 
Experience:  Minimum of 6 months in some type of painting.
Knowledge:  Experience and knowledge of residential interior and exterior painting. 
Interpersonal and Communications Skills:  Able to understand verbal and written instructions.  Willingness to learn and help with other tasks when necessary (i.e. finish carpentry, siding, etc.). 
Organizational Skills:  Able to organize assigned tasks, for completion alone or with help, and execute jobs on-time. Able to complete and fulfill paperwork required for personal time sheets. 
Problem Solving:  Ability to ask for help when needed.
Working Conditions:  90% of time is spent working at job sites. Some driving is required. Valid driver's license is required. 
Physical:  Job requires ability to perform tasks on all areas and aspects of construction project. Requires ability to climb ladders for heights of up to 40 feet, and crawl for distances of 50 feet. 
Hazards: Normal hazards associated with construction environment. 
Compensation: Commensurate with experience.